Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)


SCIFs were originally designed by intelligence agencies to ensure the protection of highly classified information. Technological advancements in surveillance and eavesdropping techniques have forced the corporate world to install similar facilities to safeguard their proprietary information and communications.


A SCIF refers to an accredited room, area or building that must meet certain specifications as delineated by the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in DCID 6/9. Access to SCIFs are limited to those with security clearances and conversations held in such locations are restricted from public or external disclosure.


The need for mobile/portable SCIF facilities has risen as an alternative to the conventional permanent wall construction SCIF used to store intelligence-based SCI data. The military as well as corporate users have greatly benefited from their use, allowing them to deploy personnel in multiple far reaching locations. AGC can provide these customized mobile/portable SCIF facilities catered to meet the mission-critical needs of each customer, and can rapidly deliver them world-wide.


Our elite special project team members have achieved a high level of expertise in building and completing all types of SCIFs.

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