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Advanced Global Construction Inc. provides intelligent planning, design and construction of MRI and Radio Frequency Shielding projects for government, military and medical facilities. With many years of experience, our personnel are experts in Radio Frequency Shielding for MRI and RF Testing, as well as radiation prescriptions and containment for X-ray, CT, RF, PET-CT.

In an ever changing world, AGC prides its self on keeping abreast of the latest medical equipment and technology, allowing us to exceed the customer’s highest expectations and meet their particular requirements throughout the facility planning, design, construction and project opening. AGC will efficiently and effectively manage the entire project from concept and design through construction and completion.

A medical imaging facility generally contains a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suite, computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), radiography and fluoroscopy (RF), and a linear accelerator (Linac). This type of equipment must be contained from local environmental interference, including additional medical equipment, which emit radio frequency signals disturbing the MRI field.  The environment has to be shielded and tested from RF and magnetic interference, as strong magnetic fields can mechanically damage sensitive instruments, discharge batteries, or erase magnetic media.  Any ferrous object within the field of these magnets can be drawn to the MRI equipment with great force, creating multiple safety hazards. AGC can provide RF shielded rooms and radiation containment per the manufacturer’s specifications for each of these types of installations. Proper shielding and testing protects patients, healthcare providers, employees and sensitive electronic equipment from the affects of strong magnetic and radiation fields common with imaging equipment.

Our engineers and project managers have obtained decades of experience, not only in the intricacies of RF shielding, but also in the integration of the shielding into the parent facility, as well as the coordination of the various trades that are critical to this type of project. AGC’s early involvement in the design and construction process helps to ensure that the most appropriate RF and radiation engineering solutions are applied to your project. AGC’s project managers and field supervisory personnel will eliminate costly mistakes and the schedule delays that inherently follow.


Some products and manufacturers AGC contracts with to install:

MRI Medical Records






MRI Shielding Room

MRI Shielding Construction




Enhanced Radiology of Kenosha Kenosha, WI

Project scope: Complete installation of an RF shield for a Hitachi Eschelon 1.5T

MRI Construction

MRI Constractor



WNY MRI, Buffalo, NY

Project scope: Complete modifications to an existing Imaging Center and complete a GE Millennium nuclear camera



                                       Hitachi Medical Systems, Twinsburg, OH



MRI Shielding



Ken Ton Open MRI & CT Kenmore, NY

Project scope: Design- build construction of CT suite in an existing imaging center.

Equipment CT Hitachi CRX4

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