Key Staff Profiles


Frank Shugars, President

Mr. Shugars has worked in the construction of Sensitive Compartmental Information Facilities (SCIF) since 1980. He has participated in the design and construction of over 300 SCIF/RF facilities and is considered to be one of the top experts in this field. During his career he has worked on projects with every branch of the military and numerous government agencies, developing a familiarity with all types of security requirements and (SAP) programs. Mr. Shugars’ experience includes the design and construction of one of the largest secured facilities in the world. His personal involvement in projects begins with pre-construction site visits and continues through final certification and delivery. His experience and expertise ensures that the end-user will receive an exceptional product on-budget and on-time.

Robert Steele, Senior Vice President and Director of Operations

Mr. Steele is a Certified Licensed Master Electrician with over 25 years experience participating in the design and construction of various types of shielded enclosures. His projects have included SCIFs, RF shielded facilities, anechoic chambers, HEMP, BCR, EMI, EMP shields and secured conference rooms. As a Project Manager both internationally and state side, he has participated in every facet of a project’s development and completion including design, bid/proposal, procurement, shipping logistics, construction and final certification. Mr. Steele’s career has taken him to projects throughout the United States and international locations.

Robert Warnell, Senior Project Manager

Mr. Warnell is a Senior Project Manager with extensive knowledge in the planning and construction of SCIFs and shielded medical facilities including RF, magnetic and radiation shielding. He has received advanced training in the design and installation of medical imaging equipment and facilities. His project management skills and experience allows him to efficiently complete turn- key design/build projects to ensure final project certification. His reputation for customer satisfaction, his positive attitude and on-time deliveries, add value to each of the projects he manages.


Rick Sprey, Facility Security Officer

Mr. Sprey is a dedicated and knowledgeable FSO who focuses on ensuring all information is secured and maintained according to all requirements, procedures, laws and regulations.



Kevin Brooks, IT Director

Mr. Brooks has been charged with ensuring that all IT assets are functioning and to provide the highest levels of data integrity. With over 20 years of IT experience, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge to the company.




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